Tripods are a dime a dozen. Everyone needs one. Some people overspend while others underspend. At the end of the day, unless you buy what you need to serve the purposes of your workflow, you will be happy or disappointed. My newest addition is the PGYTECH Mantispod Pro. Got it on sale or else it wouldn’t be with me right now. After buying a whole bunch of different tripods over the years, it really just comes down to workflow and case by case requirements. I thought this would fit and testing shall be started to see if it fits the workflow and brings benefit. Clearly the expensive tripods would be the way to always go but then again, budget plays a role in the decision.

In this video I talk about how to think about tripods and how to go about buying a tripod that is good for your content journey.

I will be making more videos on all the different tripods I still use. Check out the following video on the wheels you could be using:

Tripod Camera Dolly is The Tool You Need

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