USB PCIe card conflicts do occur. In my case I didn’t do my full research. I am still having issues with my USB devices disconnecting on the AMD system. The latest update did fix my one USB Type C connection so at least we are good on that front. The Eluteng USB 3.1 PCIe Expansion Card 10Gbps is a good overall product and did the trick. Standard product that delivers to spec, however, in my case, I needed to connect an x1 to x4 PCIe cable. Then the issues started. Should have read the details!

In this video I go through the idea of USB PCIe card conflicts to look out for when upgrade your pc.

0:00 Start
1:00 Intro
2:15 x1 tp x4 PCI Connector Explanation
2:50 The conflicts
5:11 Explain the conflicts
5:48 What to look for on the product descriptions
7:48 Other options
9:03 Conclusion and recommendations

PCI-e PCI Express 4X to 1X Extension Cable (4X 90° to 1x 90°)

ELUTENG USB 3.1 PCIE Expansion Card

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