Video & Photo Shoot – Jugdeep Sign Batth

Jugdeep Singh is an up and coming photographer who has been working on profile modeling and weddings. He has grown immensely over the last several years and has done some great work!




This was a fun shoot in the forest to learn a few tips and tricks with the new light setups. We got to enjoy some photography, video and create the beginnings of his story. As he starts to create his social media presence we wanted to showcase his abilities and as well the know how of being able to shoot in different environments. More stuff coming from Jugdeep in the near future.


Created with a showcase of the shoot, technical abilities, equipment and environmental pressures with a -35 degree day in Toronto, Canada. As his story begins to shape up on social media our goal is simple, create the flow of growth and ability to deliver on his projects.

What Was Challenging:

Weather! It was too cold to feel your hands or feet. On top of that the equipment started to freeze causing us to delay shots and warm up the batteries. Overall, great experience and the results are there!