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The website has been built to help people who are looking for influence, inspiration a new way of life.  The website is about the professional life of entrepreneurs, businesses, careers and how to deal with the personal life that is most important.  I have had many successes and of course failures.  I have launched businesses, assisted in businesses successes and have seen many great things from the corporate world, teaching field and of course the business life!  Through my accomplishments I have come to learn how to succeed through adversity and smile along the way to great success.

About me:  I am an Entrepreneur, Project Manager Professional, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Design Think Specialist, Idea Generator and Problem Solver.  The blog is design to give Ideas and point out life changing ways to enjoy a healthy and happy life through our professional lives!

Services: Yes I will help anyone change their direction and solves problems! I am a spirited individual who can take the time to help and see you succeed.  For personal one on one long term assistance please see my services page and mentorship page also my companies website, www.satner.com.

Please follow me on twitter @nikosrentas and add me to linkedin!


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