Paid Collaboration Deposit


Pay a 50% deposit per item


Unlike TFP and donated time collaborations, this is a paid assignment of a client and has a budget. It needs to be treated as a work engagement, Starting a collaboration project with a budget takes time to plan and organize. We walk through the idea of the project with the specifics. Once the given quote is approved and the project is a go and we will execute on the timeline.

Our deposit is mandatory and is required for the amount of time spent on creating a proper quote for our clients. A detailed plan of action is created with a  scope of work document. Should the quote not be accepted by client, this document can be used by client to find another vendor to complete the project.

An email is sent out automatically that needs to be filled in within a limited time frame to get the ball moving.


A deposit is made for the work rendered on planning. This is NOT the final project cost. After a project plan is confirmed we will give a billing schedule for the project.

*IF deposit is split on payment, second invoice is REQUIRED before starting work.
*IF second invoice is not paid, the deposit is void.
*Deposits are non refundable.
*Deposits have a 30 day window.
*If you do not complete the required information will be void.
*If you do not communicate with us the deposit will be void.

Paid Collaboration Deposit

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This is a paid assignment project by client. This is not a TFP but a full paid collab that requires time, energy, and money. Please make sure to participate in the planning and have the time to do so.

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