I make projects work! PMP certified with over 6 years of experience. As an independent project manager, I am always looking for a new fun project to work on! Willing to travel!


Complete technology web base solutions for small business and corporate (Website and App Development, Web Hosting).


Complete business solutions development for small business and corporate (Project Planning, Business Planning, Product Growth, Mentorship and Coaching)

Theory Development

Utilize Design Think Methodology focusing on idea conception planning and strategic partnerships in development of venture/product design through to launch. A charismatic delegated leadership approach through communication skill building models, environment mission and vision modelling, and decisive action. Social Media growth; developed and proven 4 Tier eMarketing Model. A facilitated approach of project management training and development through Tactic Bound Training Model established through OCT Knowledge.

Project Highlights

Educational Development and Professional Learning

Web and Database Development


Project Management Institute
Ontario College of Teachers
Ontario College of Teachers
My Community
My community of organizations that I support and they in turn support me!


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