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We love launching projects. Every project deserves its opportunity to shine. We make it happen!

Our Process


My team and I want to work with you! The several types of services offer a wide variety of project based approaches. This all depends on being an independent, creator, business, collaboration with one person or group.


Working on a project takes time, energy and money. The deposit covers the time it takes to organize a proper quote with an actual plan of action. If we work together, the plan is executed and we are off to the races. If we don’t, a polished plan is in your hands to work with anyone.


You will receive an email with all the details needed to get started. It is expected that you complete this immediately so we can add the project to the work flow and send a schedule of communication.

The Fee Breakdown

Planning Fee

The planning fee is the walk through process we will take on making the project happen. This is a detailed step by step approach document emphasizing scope, time, and budget.

Execution Fee

This entails all aspects of executing that winning plan. The fee is part of the budget set out in the planning phase and is required to complete work rendered.

Creative Fee

The creative fee is a mind power needed to create and execute the winning plan for every clients project. This is included in the budgeting.

Extra’s Fee

Some projects have more requirements than others. As such, expenses that need to be incurred will be set out as part of the budget. ie. Equipment Rentals, consultations, travels, etc.

TFP and Creative Projects

Time for Photo/Video and other projects where we donate our time is offered to anyone who has a creative idea.

*The deposit is still required and is refundable for this type of work only.
*The refund is given the day of work being performed.
*If the client is a NO show or stops communicating with us, OR gives up on the idea, the deposit will not be refunded.

Deposits and Refunds

A deposit is made for the work rendered on planning. This is NOT the final project cost. After a project plan is confirmed we will give a billing schedule for the project.

*Deposits are non refundable.
*Deposits have a 30 day window.
*If you do not complete the required information will be void.
*If you do not communicate with us the deposit will be void.