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OnePlus 8t vs OnePlus 9

Deciding on purchasing the OnePlus 8t vs the Oneplus 9 is always a tough decision. The idea based on price point can be a challenging one. In this video we look at the idea of comparing the OnePlus 8t and the OnePlus 9 to see if it is worth the extra money in 2022.

One Plus Phones and 5G Issues in Canada

Expectation with dissapointment. OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 10 issues with 5G specifically in Canada can be annoying. Buying the Oneplus 9 and testing it out brought some interesting thoughts. While it does work on the Rogers network you do have to set the settings for it. The Telus network was tested and confirmed that it […]

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OnePlus 8T in 2022 Long Term Review. Any Issues?

OnePlus 8T has been a great smarphone. The question is, how good has it held up? The answer is a simple one, pretty good overall. If you are are looking phone that will get the job done still in 2022 then this phone might be the one for you!

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How to Buy the Right Smartphone in 2022

Buying the right smartphone can be a challenge. How to buy the right smartphone starts with knowing how to pick the right smartphone. This is based on your wants and needs of a smartphone coupled with the idea of budget and how it relates to time, energy and money. Most people spend too much time […]

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How to Choose a Laptop. New or Last Year’s Model? – XPS 9510 vs XPS 9520

When the new tech is release we often have to choose between last years model or the new model. Laptops are especially hard to choose as the price point is rather high. Taking into consideration all the different specs of a laptop is critical. In this video we review how to analyze the upgradability of […]

PC or Laptop for Starting Creators

When you are starting your creative journey a question will most definelty come up. Should I buy PC or a laptop? An important question that will definitely take time to answer. The PC or Laptop question is one that can get complicated and rather expensive. The goal of course is to look at the whole […]