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Investing In Your Gear or Your Business?

Investing in your business is critical. Investing into gear is also critical. However, there is a difference of value and we should know where to ivnest before we start to invest. If we don’t, well, then we are just spending money. Tkaing the proper steps to setup up a proper business where we can grow […]

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Upgrading to Expensive Gear As You Grow Your Business

Upgrading your gear always comes with a choice on budget. The question of going with expensive is always a hard one. Should you just spend hoping you land more clients or should you wait an invest as the opportunities come. In this video I give a general idea of how to think about this thought […]

Content Creators and How to Buy Gear

As you start your journey in buying gear as a content creator, a creator in photography, or a creator in videography, buying gear can become a challenge. Lots of questions and dilemmas will arise as one questions what gear is needed and how to fit it all into a budget. In this video we talk […]

Buying Gear When Starting Out with Content Creation

When you are starting out with content creation is can get rather expensive especially if you are not sure what you really want to do. Undoubtably you will experience this notion of wanting to buy things you see with your favourite creators. Until you get going and trying different things you won’t actually know what […]

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Camera Accessories and The Wasted Money. Workflow and Budget Talk

Wasting money on camera acceessories is never fun. Especially when you look at the piles of money wasted over the year of stuff you didn’t need or use. My goal of this video is to talk about different things that I have bought and explain how it can be a waste or how it could […]

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Tripods and What to Think About Before Buying One

Tripods are a dime a dozen. Everyone needs one. Some people overspend while others underspend. At the end of the day, unless you buy what you need to serve the purposes of your workflow, you will be happy or disappointed. My newest addition is the PGYTECH Mantispod Pro. Got it on sale or else it […]

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Stop Buying Gear You Don’t Need. Thinking Before Buying

Buying things for your content creativity and growth can sometimes be a waste. Well, who are we kidding, most things are a waste. We often don’t know what we really need until we experiment and it is often a high cost over time. The goal is to look at workflow and practice the idea of […]

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Buying Gear For Business Content Creation. What to Do First

Buying gear for content creation can be a daunting task. Often is the case that people will spend way too much money on things they do not need. The story always starts in the same way, I watched some big creators, I bought their recommendation, and it ain’t doing what it is supposed to be […]

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AngelBird AV PRO CFexpress Type B cards MK1 Review. They Compete!

Angelbird CFExpress Type B Cards have been a great card to use impressing me along the way more and more. The Angelbird CFExpress AV PRO Type B card version was released to compete for the Pro Consumers buying cameras like flagships and just under this rating for cameras like the R5 that need a CFExpress […]

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Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress SX Type B – 168GB Review. It’s Specific.

Angelbird CFExpress Type B Cards have been impressing and performing rather well. The Angelbird CFExpress Type B card SX version was released to compete for the entry consumers buying cameras like the R5 that need a CFExpress type B card at a fast speed to achieve fast photo frame rates. The price point is favourable […]