Buying things for your content creativity and growth can sometimes be a waste. Well, who are we kidding, most things are a waste. We often don’t know what we really need until we experiment and it is often a high cost over time. The goal is to look at workflow and practice the idea of asking if this is a purchase that is spending or investing. Asking this idea will help curb your enthusiasm when you see people talking about a new hot product and wondering if it is what you should be buying to help you improve your content.

Check out the previous video as I explain the workflow and how you should think about how growing your tool set in the process to create the content you have envisioned in your head.

Buying gear for new business content creation

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  1. I agree with you 100% i’m guilty of buying gear I don’t need 3 cameras one that’s not being used at all smh Great video we need more YouTube creators with positive videos like this it’s easy to buy new gear but it’s hard not spend when there’s so many new gear reviews on YouTube all the time.

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